Problems with Applying for a Self-Employed Mortgage

Applying for self-employed mortgage can be problematic as you will find a lesser number of mortgage lenders willing to deal with the self employed people. In some cases it becomes a problem to verify a stable and regular income. In such a case the mortgage lender does not feel safe in giving out a mortgage loan. However, people who have a substantial income coming in from being self-employed will not find a problem in getting approved as long as they can establish a record of such payments over a substantial period of time in the past. If there is a history of getting events, even if the regular, mortgage lender will be able to get an average idea of the annual author monthly income of the self-employed person.

So what is important if you are a self-employed person and applying for a mortgage or a mortgage refinance loan is to be able to provide a verification of your income to the mortgage lender. Avoiding the lender with a statement of your bank account which receives your income will tell the mortgage lender if you receive a steady income from being self-employed or not.

Sometimes the problem does not lie in the amount you can but the inability or unwillingness of mortgage lenders to deal with self-employed people. The approval process can sometimes get stuck if they cannot verify your job or profession. This is especially true for people who pursue alternate areas such as being artists, writers etc.

Even so, you might have to try a little harder to find a mortgage lender who is willing to refinance your mortgage when you are a self-employed person.