Top 10 Home Loan Banks

Names Of Popular Banks That Provide Home Loans

Many home loan lenders shut shop after the real estate crisis that overtook America. What remains today are some top home loan banks that are major players in the mortgage lending industry. We will list the top home loan lending banks which have also been highlighted by the Forbes list as top businesses. These home loan banks and lending institutions have helped match people with the right home loan for several years. Some of these banks even cater to the home loan needs of people with sub-prime credit rating due to their sheer size and ability to absorb the extra risk.

1) Citigroup, an American based financial institution is perhaps the largest home loan lending bank. This home loan company is now operating in 54 countries outside the US, having current assets of about $1.3 trillion and $108 billion in revenues in year 2006. Citigroup is known for providing bad credit mortgage loans as well.

2) The Bank of America, the third largest bank in the US that offers home loan services and small loans. The Bank of America has been ranked at the second place in the Forbes list of the best home loan companies in the past.

3) Wells Fargo is another important American home loan company and bank, with 1000 branches across the US and all around the world. It has been rated third in the Forbes list of the best home loan companies.

4) Wachovia, also finds a  place in the Forbes list of the foremost home loan lending banks.

Other prominent home loan banking institutions that are able to provide mortgage to people:

BB&T, Golden West Financial, used to be the second largest savings bank in the nation ( Now acquired by Wachovia) , Marshall and Ilsley, M&T, AmSouth Bancorp ( Taken over and purchased by Regions), Popular, Synovus Financial, Zions Bancorp, Compass Bancshares and Commerce Bancorp ( acquired by TD Bank).