6 Government Home Loan Websites You Should Read

Useful Government Websites For Getting Home Loan Help

  1. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development website is listed at www.hud.gov. This website provides information on the federal government’s FHA loan program and also lists HUD homes for sale which were brought into foreclosure by borrowers who had FHA loans of them. On this website you can find helpful information regarding the government loan programs as well as links to other useful federal government housing related websites. Various government housing programs can be a helpful option to people who are either looking for their first mortgage of or looking for a refinance option on the existing one.
  2. If you are a veteran if you can also check out the veteran’s owned website located at www.valoans.com operated by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. In addition information on VA loans, veterans and non-veterans alike are eligible to buy foreclosed properties with that were purchased with VA loans.
  3. Another website is the Federal Citizen information Center listed at www.pueblo.gsa.gov/housing.htm. It offers numerous free and low-cost pamphlets on house financing topics such as securing home equity loans, avoiding fraud, finding webpages and home improvement loans to make your home more energy efficient as well as qualifying for a low down payment portage.
  4. Fannie Mae located at www.FannieMae.com has many resources for mortgage borrowers and homebuyers. This website helps you to find links for home purchases, improvements as well as refinancing your existing mortgage. The site can also turn provide you with helpful worksheets and counseling agencies.
  5. Freddie Mac located at www.FreddieMac.com offers several resources.
  6. Do not fall prey to the various offers and advertisements that services solicit you by making tall promises of creating and improving your credit score with and a few days. Do not waste money on such credit repair services because they do not work. You can follow our tips and guidelines in our credit score section to understand what builds up a credit score and how you can improve each separate factor for better credit rating. To get several helpful tips on credit related matters you can visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website on www.ftc.gov.