6 Important Mortgage Shopping Websites

  1. HSH associates located at www.hsh.com is one of the country’s largest collector and publisher of mortgage information. This website has detailed graphs and up-to-date information regarding various mortgage rates and trends. SHS charges a nominal fee for anyone wishing to obtain a report from them. They charge $10-$20 for the report which can be ordered via the website or by calling them at 860-873-2837. SHS as such does not charge any fees to lenders for being included in the reports. However there is a showcase section where certain lenders can choose to showcase themselves.
  2. Other helpful websites include the loan located at www.eloan.com which is an online mortgage website. It is a good place to compare with these kinds of loans since it has interactive questionnaires, calculators which allow you to compare various different mortgage programs such as comparing a fixed rate loan to an adjustable rate loan.
    It can also help you figure out how much a fixed-rate mortgage is going to cost in terms of points and closing charges over a specified period of time. You can also apply for a mortgage directly from the website if you so desire. The websites tracking allows you to track mortgage process till closing of the loan.

    Two other prominent and well-known websites that give out information regarding mortgage loans are 

  3. www.bankrate.com and 
  4. www.realtor.com. Bank rate is an extensive website which gives you a lot of information as well as helpful guides. You can find all kinds of calculators as well as mortgage lenders from all across the country. You can use the information as well as the mortgage listing to get in touch with the mortgage lenders and see their rates at one glance.

    There are also other helpful mortgage websites that offer news and information on home loans. These websites are:

  5. www.deadlinenews.com and 
  6. www.inman.com.