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How Is The Interest Rate On An ARM Calculated

Adjustable rate mortgages generally operate in a particular way. There is a initial period during which the interest rate is fixed just like it is in the case of a fixed rate mortgage. This interest rate is usually much lower than what you get on a fixed rate mortgage. However the difference is that after […]


What Is An ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

An adjustable rate mortgage refers to a mortgage where the interest rate can be changed by the lender according to certain terms and conditions contained in the mortgage contract. While the adjustable rate mortgage in many countries abroad allow the rate to change at the lenders discretion, in the United States the rates changes are […]

How To Choose the Best Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Shopping for an adjustable-rate mortgage is complicated. An adjustable rate mortgage program has several factors that make it a more complex matter. But its perfectly suitable for specific needs. These are the points you should note down when comparing Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Starting interest rate Adjustable-rate mortgages typically start at a lower interest rate. This […]

Understanding Adjustable Rate Mortgages

ARMs can be complicated contracts. Its a great idea to seek professional and trustworthy advice before choosing an adjustable rate home loan. In some places, ARMs are the only option available for a home loan. Read this post to understand nuances about this peculiar home loan contract. Constantly Changing Interest Rate Adjustable rate mortgages also […]

What Is A Hybrid ARM Loan

With the hybrid mortgage loan you can take advantage of the features of a fixed-rate mortgage mixed with the advantages of having our adjustable-rate mortgage. This is useful for people who are going to be staying in their homes for a short amount of time and who happen to know beforehand how long they are […]

Different Payment Options On an ARM

Intrest Only Payment On ARM Interest only payment is provide by some lenders for mortgages and is most common for the adjustable/ variable rate mortgage loan types. As the name suggests, this option allows to pay only the interest on a mortgage in any month. the lender also might set a period during which the […]