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FHA Refinance Assistance for Equity Challenged Homeowners

This article is about the FHA refinance options for people with non-FHA loans seeking to refinance with FHA with a no cash out mortgage. Given the slump in the housing market in recent years and the meltdown of the sub-prime mortgage industry conventional home loan lenders are presuming to lend out more conventional mortgage products […]

Complete Guide To FHA Home Loans

What Are FHA Home Loans FHA home loans have been around since 1930s. FHA home loans is a federal government plan, created with the intent of assisting home loan borrowers to get home loans at reasonable terms. The FHA home loans have been somewhat more targeted to the middle income bracket of borrowers and have […]

Imminent Default And FHA HAMP Program

The FHA has been making constant efforts to help those homeowners who are facing foreclosure on their homes. The FHA lays down certain guidelines for a homeowner to qualify for their foreclosure prevention programmes. One of the parameters of their guidelines is called “Imminent Default”. In order to qualify for one of the FHA foreclosure […]

How to Short Refinance through the FHA

A short mortgage refinance through the FHA could be an option to a short sale. A home owner may find himself in a situation where the value of his home is less than what he owes on his current mortgage. A short refinance through the FHA will allow the home borrower to refinance up to […]

Borrowing Limits On the FHA Home Loans

The borrowing limits on FHA home loans for the year 2010 have been announced. The limits set on the amount borrowed can borrow on the FHA loan is dependent upon the local and regional housing market limitations and prices. FHA home loans or available throughout the United States of America and the pouring limits are […]

FHA Loan Financing for Good Neighbors (GNND)

FHA offers home loans “Good Neighbors Next Door” program (GNND Program) for qualified civil servants like firefighters, police officers and teachers. The Federal Housing Administration offers affordable financing to qualified firefighters, emergency medical technicians, police officers and teachers (pre-K Grade12) who wish to purchase a home. This program is offered by HUD under Good Neighbors […]

FHASecure Plan for Defaulted Subprime Homeowners

FHA Launches FHA Secure Plan to Rescue Defaulted Sub-Prime Borrowers The FHA has announced new policies to cater to the multiple sub-prime mortgage loan holders who have defaulted on their loans and are now using foreclosure. This program is called FHA secure plan and is tailored to meet the needs of the holders of adjustable […]

9 Reasons Why An FHA Loan Is Right For You

FHA home loans are a good option for many people who find themselves under a particular set of circumstances. Here are 3 basic points why FHA loan may be an attractive option for you. Conforming Loan Limits People got discouraged from taking FHA loans when the loan limits could not keep up with the price […]

All About FHA 203k Home Loan

203k are home loans provided by the Federal Housing Administration that allows you to roll up the cost of purchasing the home as well as the cost of conducting repairs and certain cosmetic jobs into a single loan. As most of you will be well aware, taking an FHA home loan is a good way […]

FHA HOPE For Homeowners Refinance

What is HOPE for Homeowners Program and how it can help you refinance your mortgage through FHA. What is HOPE for Homeowners Refinance Program? HOPE for Homeowners is a legislative act signed in to by the Bush Government on July 30th, 2008. it is supposed to end on 30th September, 2011. This programs allows a […]