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how to improve credit score before a loan

5 Steps To Improve Credit Score Before A Home Loan

Importance Of A Credit Rating For A Home Loan Your credit score, in other words, all the stuff that is on your credit report has a direct impact on your home loan application. It is the first document and factor that a mortgage lender looks at to assess your eligibility. Different lenders have different underwriting […]

Why Mortgage Lenders Require Extensive Paperwork

The reasons that mortgage lenders need such extensive information about your finances to be satisfied about your ability to pay off the mortgage loan. You submit these documents to prove and substantiate your current financial status not only to the mortgage lender but also subsequently to other organizations that may buy your mortgage if the […]

Affect Of Foreclosure on FICO Score

How A Foreclosure Can Affect Your FICO Credit Score A foreclosure is when a short sale occurs on the home of a person where the amount you want a mortgage loan is recovered by the lender by selling the borrower’s property. A foreclosure can also result in a short sale where the lender agrees to […]