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How To Use A Bridge Loan To Buy A New Home Without Selling

Bridge loans are home loans that are used to purchase a second property while using the first one has security. People who are shifting to a new home without having sold off their first one commonly use bridge loans. Many people are required to move to a new home as changes may occur such as […]

What is 80-10-10 Financing

80-10-10 kind of financing is quite common. This kind of financing applies for a borrower who cannot afford to make 20% down payment on his mortgage. Many people fit into this category even though they are high earning individuals. Unless you have practiced savings tactics, you could find it difficult to come up with plenty […]

Balloon Mortgage – Advantages, Features and Variations

What is Balloon Mortgage, different types of balloon mortgages and why and if you should choose a balloon home loan Simply put, balloon mortgage mortgages are home loans that require the entire amount to be paid off after a certain period of time by making a large payment equivalent to the balance remaining on the […]