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Should You Buy Points or Pay More Interest Rate?

The interest rate on a mortgage is and should always be quoted with the points you need to purchase to qualify for that particular rate. In most cases one point is equal to 1% of the amount that you borrow. For example if a lender says that a loan costs 1.5 points they mean that […]

Features of a No Cost Refinance Mortgage

A no cost refinance mortgage seems enticing to a lot of people. They figure that they have nothing to lose since they do not have to foot any costs in refinancing the mortgage. They are able to refinance at a lower interest rate or get extra cash from other expenses without having to spend any […]

Common Closing Costs For A Home Loan – Federal Reserve Board

Additional fees that you pay while purchasing a home apart from the mortgage cannot be predicted with a great deal of accuracy. They depend a lot on the location, your state rules, the lender and the cost of the home.However, there are some costs that are common. There is also a range of amount that […]