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How to Short Refinance through the FHA

A short mortgage refinance through the FHA could be an option to a short sale. A home owner may find himself in a situation where the value of his home is less than what he owes on his current mortgage. A short refinance through the FHA will allow the home borrower to refinance up to […]

Benefits of Refinancing with FHA

Advantages of Refinancing with FHA Home Loans 1) FHA offers competitive interest rates. There is not much difference between competitive rates that you can get on a conventional mortgage to an FHA mortgage. 2) The borrowing limit on an FHA home loan has been enhanced in keeping with the limit that is applicable to a […]

FHA Streamline Refinance Loan Process

What is the FHA streamline refinance process? How can you qualify for the FHA refinance process? An FHA streamline refinance loan is exceptional lending protocol debt is supposed to make the process of refinancing a mortgage more convenient and faster than any other way of refinancing. This makes the FHA streamline refinance loans an extremely […]