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5 Tips To Get Great Price On A Home

These are some great tips to get a better price when buying your home. Buy a Neglected Property There are times when you see ads in the newspaper that tell you that a property has been slashed in price by 15%. You can save $20,000 when you buy. Such ads may be put in the […]


Should You Buy When Home Loan Interest Is High?

We are often asked a common question: “Should I put off buying a home because the loan interest rates seem to be on the high side at the moment?” Read about how interest rates effect home prices and what you ought to do. It should seem logical that the interest rate on a home loan […]

Effect Of Availability of Housing On Home Prices

How Availability of Homes Affects Their Sale Price All factors that affect the prices of real estate and homes in a particular area such as the availability of jobs are all tied to one ultimate factor which is the demand and supply it off the housing. The availability of housing in a particular area has […]

Effect Of Employment Opportunities On Home Prices

The availability of jobs directly affect the prices of homes in an area, community or state. A home costs money to buy and maintain. A regular consumer who buys a home by taking her home loan, expects to be paying off the price of the home for the next several years. Whether this money come […]


6 Reasons Why Prices Of Homes Rise and Fall

In this post we talk about how to determine the present and future value of your home, what are the factors controlling the prices of homes and how to spot a future trend of prices for homes in your area. If you are contemplating buying a home, you might want to know whether the prices […]