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Advantages of Getting Pre-Approved for Home Loan

Benfits of Getting Pre-Approved for a Home loan before you start looking for a home Getting a loan preapproval is generally the way to go because it is a more formal and detailed process before being preapproved for a loan the creditworthiness of the borrower is checked as well as other financial information about the […]

Getting Prequalified for A Home Loan In Not Good Enough

Home loan pre-qualification may mean next to nothing as far as buying your dream home is concerned. A prequalification for a loan usually does not mean much it can either be based on our perfunctory information about the borrower or can also be a marketing technique used by your bank or the creditor. Going by […]

Disadvanatge Of Not Getting Preapproved for the Home Loan

What can happen when you are not preapproved for a home loan? Let us imagine a scenario where you have been looking for a house on the market for a. After weeks and months of searching and feeling dejected you finally find house that is the house of your dreams. You make an offer to […]