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Cosigning On A Home Loan – Why You Should Rethink That

Learn all about cosigning, what does it mean to cosign a loan application, should you do it and how you can get out of it. Cosigning is the process by which another person shares the responsibility for paying off somebody else’s debt obligation in the event that the primary party defaults on the payment. The […]

Things To Know If You Are Cosigning On A Home Loan

Co-Borrowers are people who have signed together on the contract note and are held equally responsible for paying back the loan. Having a co-borrower on a loan can make things easier and at the same time can be a source of a lot of complications at the time of taking the markets as well as […]

Problems With Mortgage When Co-Borrowers Split

Problems can arise when co-borrowers on a mortgage loan split, regardless of whether they were a married couple or not. This is what can happen and how to deal with a situation where co-borrowers on a mortgage loan are parting ways. Split with Sale of the Home If the partners can reach an agreement that […]