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What is Principal, Interest, Term and Amortization

While these factors are basic to a mortgage loan, it is equally true that the principal amount, interest rate, term and modernization is common to all kind of loans. It does not matter what you are buying from the money that you borrow, these terms will apply and will hold you in good stead if […]

Mortgage Interest Rate

The interest-rate of a mortgage is probably the top crucial factor in any mortgage related decision.  Since a mortgage loan is for our large amount of loans and continues over a long tenure of as long as 30 years, even a small change in your interest-rate can make a difference of thousands of dollars over […]

What Is An Interest Only Mortgage

This is a rather unusual kind of mortgage loan.  An interest only mortgage means that the consumer takes the loan to purchase a property and then only pays interest due on that loan every month.  No part of the payment goes towards paying off the original principle amounts that is owed on the mortgage loan. […]

How to Get A Low Interest Rate Mortgage

Interest rate is the single most prominent factor both on the minds of the borrower and the lender. The lender would like to charge as much as he can get away with and the borrower wants to pay as less as possible.  Well, its possible to get great deals on your home loans and have […]