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How Do Mortgage Lenders Determine Loan Limits

Mortgage Lender’s Limits Most of the mortgage lenders calculate the limit of the loan they can lend you in a similar manner. While some lenders criteria may differ, it is similar because most of them further resell these loans in the mortgage market. Mortgage loans extended by mortgage lenders are often sold to big government […]

Looking For Mortgage Lenders and Deals On The Internet

In this post you will learn how to find mortgage offers on the Internet, to practice safe surfing principles and use the computer as a tool to help you find the best mortgage offers and mortgage lenders online. Many people, especially those who have not used the computer for serious purposes before, think that the […]

6 Government Home Loan Websites You Should Read

Useful Government Websites For Getting Home Loan Help The US Department of Housing and Urban Development website is listed at www.hud.gov. This website provides information on the federal government’s FHA loan program and also lists HUD homes for sale which were brought into foreclosure by borrowers who had FHA loans of them. On this website […]

6 Important Mortgage Shopping Websites

HSH associates located at www.hsh.com is one of the country’s largest collector and publisher of mortgage information. This website has detailed graphs and up-to-date information regarding various mortgage rates and trends. SHS charges a nominal fee for anyone wishing to obtain a report from them. They charge $10-$20 for the report which can be ordered […]

How to Choose The Right Mortgage Lender

As you start meeting various mortgage lenders, you’ll get to find out more about the various loan programs, interest rates and other features that they are offering. Interviewing mortgage lenders is not only a good way to decide which mortgage lender to deal with but also to get to know what kind of options available […]

How To Choose The Right Mortgage Broker

As we have mentioned before, whether the decision to use a mortgage broker to find you the best home loan is a sound one or not will depend upon how good a mortgage broker you can find. In order to find the right mortgage broker you need to be able to interview him effectively and […]

Do You Need A Mortgage Broker To Get You A Loan?

Mortgage brokers are intermediaries who are independent of banks or other financial institutions that are actually going to lend you the money to buy a home. Mortgage brokers do not have any money of their own to lend nor can they approve or deny your loan application. They do however, originate/process loan applications. One usually […]

Top 10 Home Loan Banks

Names Of Popular Banks That Provide Home Loans Many home loan lenders shut shop after the real estate crisis that overtook America. What remains today are some top home loan banks that are major players in the mortgage lending industry. We will list the top home loan lending banks which have also been highlighted by […]

When to Use A Mortgage Specialist

A remortgage specialist or for refinance specialist is actually a person who will take a cut out of the loan that he or she can match you with. These individuals work on a profit basis and depending upon the sale they make, they make a subsequent profit. Because these individuals operate from a personal profit […]