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How to Decide To Provide Seller Financing

If the time comes for you to sell your house, offering seller financing may help begin the sale and broaden the pool of potential buyers for your home. Traditional mortgage lenders are subject to many rules and regulations that force them to deny certain mortgage applications. However, making loans to borrowers who have been rejected […]

Overcoming Borrower Problems With Seller Financing

While the guidelines on seller financed loan are less stringent than the traditional mortgage lender, the seller also evaluates the credit worthiness of the buyer before she decides to go through with the sale. Any blemishes on your credit history and a poor credit rating that would have affected your home loan application with the […]

Choosing Seller Financing: Things To Keep In Mind

You should be aware of the fact that apart from choosing traditional borrowing methods from traditional lending institutions such as banks and credit unions, you can also sometimes take advantage of a property on which the seller is offering financing. Some sellers offer to lend you money if you agree to buy their homes, the […]