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Advantages and Disadvantages of VA Loans

Advances or Benefits of a VA Loan There are several advantages to a Veterans Administration home loan. The most obvious and common benefits of a Veterans Administration home loan are as follows: 1.    No down payment is required and 100% financing of the home loan is possible. While in the case of normal fixed-rate mortgages […]

Features of a VA Home Loan

What kind of property or home can be purchased with a VA Loans? Almost all kinds of houses and properties can be purchased under a VA Loans as long as they fulfil the following conditions. The property purchased must pay a personal residence and should be within United States and its territories. You can use […]

Information about the Veterans Administration Home Loans

What are VA Loans and who can qualify for them? VA Loans or Veterans Administration home loans are special type of loans that are made available to veterans of the US armed services. The specialty about these kind of loans is that a portion of the loan amount is guaranteed and covered by the Veterans […]